swifty 4.2

Hi friends,

Swiftymig v4.2 is ready for download. Please note that v4.0 and 4.1 are not supported anymore due to security problems.

v4.2 has so many new features and all old bugs have been solved. New users must read
Here is the details of v4.2


No more dc
v4.2 does not hang at “reconnecting…”
Security problems solved.

No more dc at .fp and .lk commands
User friendly popup message (same as mig33 popup)
hang free autolike
checkboxes for autolike, autologin to vroom etc in settings page
Fast browser for Swift pages
Much more difficult for mig to detect swift users as Swift URLs not sent to mig server now

You will get autolikes at Reflector IDs too. So autolike will work at 3 IDs at a time…3 in 1 autolike . Auto status change… your status message will automatically change every 2 minutes hence increasing activity and level…..can be enabled or disabled from settings page. Auto reply message will be taken as new status message and a new character will be placed at the end of status message every 2 minutes (just like SwiftBot)
Contactlist management: You can get contactlist at mig33 browser and manipulate it (like delete contact, private user etc). This is also available for RIDs

.pvt username command to private a user instantly
.add username command to add a user instantly (Or just write .add in private of a user whom you want to add)
There is just one complexity in v4.2. after downloading you must goto SwiftWorld and Click ‘Signup to VRoom’ link and fill the form to enjoy VRoom services. Once you signup you must put VRoom ID and password in settings page in v4.2 … this process makes your security tight. Hopefully you won’t mind it as all need to be done only once

Here is the download links



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